Meet the muse from our latest collection - we sit down and get to know India. 


1: Where are you from? 

I was born In Melbourne and have lived here my whole life.

2: What are you studying?

I’m studying science majoring in neuroscience.

3: What are you most passionate about at the moment?

I’m passionate about music. I have a band with my friend Eamon called indi&noons which has been such a massive part of my life the last couple years, and it’s been an amazing creative outlet for me.

4: How long have you been producing music for?

I’ve been singing and writing music my whole life, but it’s only been in the last two years that I have put a lot of time and energy into it and started taking it seriously as something I could pursue. Eamon (my band partner) first contacted me in May 2021 to do a verse on a song he had made, and we’ve been working together ever since. We released our first song in September last year, so we had done a lot of work prior to actually putting anything out. We’ve released three songs so far and have a lot more in the works which we are super excited about. 

5: You recently modelled the B&Z Helios shirts, which hue is your favourite ? 

I love both colours, but I’d have to say Azur because blue has always been my go-to colour.

6: What is your favourite way to style our sheer shirts?

Over bikinis makes the perfect resort wear look. I also love wearing the shirt done up with a lace bra underneath, mini skirt and heels. 

7: Do you have any European travel plans this year?

I’m going to Europe this year at the end of June, and I absolutely cannot wait! I’m going to Greece, Germany, Croatia, England, Spain, France but I’m most excited for Italy because I have always dreamed about going there since I was a little girl.

8: What’s one fashion trend you'll be embracing on your Euro travels?

I think head scarfs done right can look so cool, but I’ve been a bit scared to commit to trying it so if there’s one place to try it out for me it’s Europe.

9: One wardrobe piece you can't live without?

I can’t live without a good pair of baggy low waisted jeans. You can wear it every day with a baby tee and cool sneakers, or you can wear it with a dressy top / blouse paired with pointed toe heels for an effortlessly put together look.

10: Finally what’s your favourite thing to do whilst on holidays?

I adore the beach. There’s nothing that makes me happier than laying on the beach with my friends getting a tan and going for a swim. Extra points if I then get to go home, do my hair and makeup, and go out for dinner and drinks.



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