Australian born, Sydney based artist Jonny Niesche is known for his neon-hued chromatic fields and prismatic structures. Niesche creates work that interacts with the space in which they are exhibited and highlights the power of both illusion and object-hood.

Instead of seeing his art as paintings or sculptures, the artist sees them as ‘image-objects'.

The artist describes himself as being "very late to the game", originally pursuing a career in experimental music in New York until he was thirty. He then returned to Sydney, unsure of what to do next.

"I renovated my parents’ house to help them sell it – once sold; I did a painting off the cuff on the ‘for sale’ sign. That was it for me. I was hooked. Two years later, I enrolled at art school as a mature student."

Jonny Niesche has exhibited his art in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, and Melbourne and his pieces sell for anywhere between $11,000 - $50,000. These two pieces in particular have been sourced from his 2019 Spanish exhibition; 'Floating Over Lovers In Clouds Of Signs'. 

'Sound and Vision" by Jonny Niesche 

The paintings comprise of three layers of voile fabric print and a flat aluminium bar frame.






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