In preparation for BIA & ZELUS' 2023 European summer we unpack the designer luggage of season two's White Lotus guests. 

The show's costume designer, Alex Bovaird, who was nominated for an Emmy for her work on the first series, tells Refinery29 that this round of costumes demanded "more of everything", she adds 'when Americans visit Italy, they bring their A-game'. 

Bovaird certainly did not disappoint, with this seasons characters decked out in vibrant ensembles from a range of Italian designers including Bottega Veneta, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino. Subsequently the show indeed attests that the brighter the better!  

Let's begin with Daphne. Introduced as the women who has it all: a bouncy blowout and an endless closet full of floral prints and matching sets, she epitomises the hot mum and flirty wife. Accompanying her persistently cheerful demeanour, Daphne has the ultimate vacation ready wardrobe and is seen wearing a colourful assortment of Zimmerman, Pucci and Prada. Despite the infidelities faced within her relationship, Daphne is always well dressed and her aesthetic represented impenetrable nonchalance. Her over-the-top style may suggest she’s easy to figure out, but nobody ever knows what she’s really thinking.

In contrast to Daphnes bright and breezy style, Harper opts for much more muted tones in chic and fashion forward silhouettes. We see her arrive at the hotel in episode one wearing a tweed style jacket, linen mid-length skirt and a yellow Bottega Veneta leather bag. 

However we see Harper's style shift as she makes an effort to suppress her relentlessly sour attitude and adopt a surface level amiability. This becomes most apparent with her more girlish ensembles, consisting of a light green vintage Moschino shirt dress and a sheer pink Gaultier dress. It's no coincidence that this evolution takes place as she spends more time with Daphne while growing distant with Ethan. 

Harpers style was said to be inspired by Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn. We really see this being channeled through one of our favourite looks, her cut-out white dress with double breasted button details. 

However the real style transformation is seen by Mia and Lucia. In the first episode, the bestie duo are dressed in cheap mini skirts, casual t-shirts and Dr Martens. After they swindle their way into the five star resort and go on shopping sprees with their clients credit card we see them exclusively in designer brands including Dior swimsuits, lots of Moschino and Pucci.

As the season progresses we see Lucia and Mia's dresses get sparklier. One of the most iconic pieces Lucia wore on the show is a fully beaded, pastel Clio Peppiatt piece in episode 3. These astonishingly gorgeous beaded dresses have also been worn by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Emma Chamberlain. 

It's easy to see Lucia and Mia as the real winners of the show as they wander down the streets of Sicily in the closing scene. The aspiring singer Mia having just scored a crushing gig performance in the White Lotus lounge whilst Lucia walks away with €50,000 and all the luxe fits she got on someone else’s dime. 


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