In the midst of the pandemic we all became members to a bare-faced, skin care obsessed and athleisure wearing club. Enjoying the perks of working from home by scrapping our morning makeup routine and swapping out our work clothes for snuggly tracksuit sets. Consequently we saw the rise of a brand new apparel category: loungewear.

The demand for athleisure and lounge wear was further perpetuated by the hyper health conscious social landscape that sent the wellness industry into overdrive. It was during this time that "hot girl walks" were born.

According to an NPR report, money spent on “regular clothes” fell by nearly 80% during the pandemic, as people scoured the web for baggy basics. Pajama spending in April 2020 increased 143%, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index, meanwhile, pants sales dropped 13% and bra sales fell 12%. 

However what was first seen as a luxury to work from home in your pyjamas all day soon became, well .. depressing.  

The relationship between what we wear and how we feel is well-trodden psychological ground. Whilst spending time and money on our appearance during lockdown can feel superficial or pointless, it can have beneficial psychological and physiological effects.  

Studies have proven that wearing a uniform helps you pay attention to your duties and putting on exercise clothes makes you more likely to exercise. Similarly, wearing pyjamas in the afternoon blurs the boundary between day and night, which can make it harder to get to sleep.

Some workplaces advised their employees, who usually wear suits to the office to try putting on a shirt at home, even if they forego the jacket and tie. Dressing for your role helps the brain shift into work mode.

Taking this even further was the "put your bins out in your ballgowns" Facebook group which has nearly 14,500 members, who were glamming up (yes to take the bins out) and posting photos to "share their fabulousness".  

"It’s escapism - and a welcome dose of fun."

I think what lockdown has shown us is that people, deprived of the opportunity to dress up, will find their own occasions to look their best and realise enjoyment in doing so. Now more than ever women are dressing up for themselves, and finding joy in fashion doesn’t make us any less compassionate, intelligent or feminist. 

Overall I think people are excited to get dressed and present themselves to the world once again. We see this particularly through the rise of tailored silhouettes, vibrant hues and platform shoes. In addition to the apparel category, resort-wear, now that we have the freedom to travel once again.


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