Epitomising sophistication and femininity, Bia & Zelus' silk fabrications are known for their crisp finish and structured drape. 
Woven in a very low density silk organza is an incredibly thin, breathable and lightweight open-weave fabric. It's distinctive texture and slightly stiff feel is characterised by tiny continuous holes throughout, which give it its transparent quality. 
For laundering, we highly recommend a chemical free dry cleaners. Not only will this preserve the integrity of the textile through gentler cleaning processes but enacts as an ethical and sustainable cleaning solution. Silk pieces should not be laundered after each wear, but rather the garment should be hung to ventilate the fabrication. 
  • Dry clean only 

Due to silks delicate nature it can not stand up to intense, direct heat from an iron.  Steaming is the ideal way to smooth out any wrinkles. Alternatively set your iron to the lowest temperature and turn the garment inside out. Place a clean, white, lint-free pressing cloth between the fabric and iron to prevent any burns and move slowly across the garment, being sure not to linger. Avoid contact with buttons. 

  • Steam on low

Hang and store silk garments away from sunlight, as sunlight may cause fabric damage or discolouration.

  • Store away from sunlight

We have shared some guidance to ensure that your Bia & Zelus Silk garments and silk collections stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for years to come, just as they were designed to.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team

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